Top 13 Website That Pay You Well

In the recent years, making money online has not been hard for someone who knows the tricks of the trade, which in this case mean the appropriate websites. We have gathered some of the best websites to effectively earn money with:

  • Infolinks: probably the most profitable site for in-text advertising. The way it works is that after you implement infolinks to your webpage, some words will be automatically highlighted and linked to other sites. This can bring some money to your blog. Visit >>
  • Build a Niche Store (BANS): with this simple store development platform you can create content based sites that bring money by eBay affiliate programs. Simple and effective. More >>
  • Adbrit: similar to Google AdSense, so by using it you can sell space on your site for ads. Visit >>
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: you can create your own store by AAP on your own site instead of sending them on Amazon’s site. The good thing is that you only sell the products virtually – packing and delivery is done by Amazon. Visit >>
  • Associated Content: if you are a good article writer, this is your site. Just write a story about how to create a homemade mixer or else, and receive $3-$20 per article if the site accepts it. Visit >>
  • BidVertiser: it is a Pay Per Click program with an especially low – $10 – payout amount. Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
  • Chitika: use their special eMiniMalls service to create a keyword-related store on your blog. Visit >>
  • Commission Junction: advertising products of more than 1,000 companies on your site. You can register for free at first, then choose companies to collaborate with. Visit >>
  • Ether: a good opportunity for experts on any field. Through ether you can advertise yourself to people finding talk-partners on different topics. It is best to have a relevant blog ready. The good thing is that you make up the price you sell your service for. Visit >>
  • Gomez PEER: do nothing and earn money! Yes, this is what you practically have to do – after you have installed some client software that monitors bandwith and gathers statistical data of your computer usage. More >>
  • you can place job opportunities on your website. Find Jobs >>
  • Pheedo: run your RSS feed through Pheedo, as like Feedburner, it can include ads to your feed and if you become popular, you can receive big sums from advertisers to show their ads in the feed. Visit >>
  • Software Judge: as their motto “we pay for the truth” says, they accept honest reviews about programs from contributors. You can receive up to $50 for a review if the think it is good, and the only limitation is that you choose the programs you review from a list. Visit >>

We hope we could give you some ideas for making some extra online. Stay tuned for more moneymaking articles!