Top 10 Tips to Start a Profitable Blog – Part 1

Starting a blog is a very good way to make decent money online. What is hard is not starting blog, but maintaining it. So, if you are determined to pamper your blog frequently, you have nice opportunities to make money with it. Let’s see some useful tips of starting a blog.

1.    Purchase an own domain

If you are looking to make a good amount of money with your blog, you have to seem like a credible source. Nothing looks like more untrustworthy than a blog hosted on a mass site. Purchase a domain name for as less as $8 bucks at GoDaddy. GoDaddy $7.49 .com Sale!

2.    Make it look unique

Your blog should not look as the others, as nothing looks worse than a default theme. The good thing is that you can find free premium themes online easily. It is not a problem if they are not perfect at first, as in time you can make it better step-by-step.

3.    Use popular plugins

There are countless popular plugins that can be incorporated into your design. Their advantage is that they can easily increase traffic, and may increase trustiness.

4.    Choose a niche and stick at it

The most profitable blogs are those that have a large number of followers. What you have to do to achieve this is choosing a niche and constantly writing relevant articles. If you just write about everything that comes to your mind, there is a good chance that no one will read your blog.

5.    Update frequently

It is very important to keep your blog up-to-date, and not neglecting it. You don’t have to aim for 1000 words a day, but some 200-300 word post will do. Write at least every other day.

Stay tuned for more tips in the second part of the article!