Infolinks Review – The AdSense Beater

In-text advertising is a good way to earn money online. If you have some hundred visitors, you can start to earn bucks, and eventually make your site grow bigger and bring more money in time. One of the best programs out there today is Infolinks, which is a free software that automatically places ads on your website.

Infolinks is similar to the well-known Google Adsense and the smaller Chitika, which are both contextual ad programs. What’s more, Infolinks makes it possible to use one or more of these other advertising programs like Adsense at the same time.

Infolinks  Better Than Adsense?
I started using the Adsense program first, when I heard about is in an online advertisement. I read a lot of positive things about it, so I decided to give it a try instantly. It was amazing, how much money I could make with it at first – double or triple times the money I made with Kontera, a previous attempt of my site’s in-text advertising. Actually, the good thing is that Infolinks is easy to set up, and once it is done and your site attracts visitors, you can just relax in your chair and let the money flow.

Easy Start
As said before, Infolinks is easy to set up: you just have to copy a given Java Script code and paste it to your website. Infolinks doesn’t require massive amount of visitors on your site, which is a big advantage over AdSense, which is strict about many things (placement of the ads, etc.)

How the System Works
Once you registered and set up Infolinks, you can login to your account to check your earnings (they are updated daily). You can switch between the extent of details: months, weeks, days, or just a year. You get the CTR Ratio, eCPM, and pager impressions, too.

Many systems have problems paying their customers in time. At Infolinks this is not an issue, as they always pay you once your balance reaches $50. The payment is made through PayPal, which makes the whole process very easy.

Quick Support
Another issue that most people have to deal with is the slow response time of advertising companies, not to mention their bad attitude. In spite of this, Infolinks usually replies within 15 minutes, which shows the strength of their support staff – also they are very helpful and kind.

In overall, I can recommend Infolinks for those looking for opportunities to advertise on their websites. The quick payments, solid support, and the positive feedback of the program makes a good chance for newbies and professionals as well to maximize their incomes from in-text advertisements. Visit  >>