How to Start Website Flipping – The Best Guide for Website Flipping

In this article, I will show you by simple steps how you can make a profitable website flipping business.

  1. Make extensive pre-analysis – As the first step, you should take a look around the Internet, and find out what niche worth investing into at the moment. For example if you think Love Stories would attract a lot of people, you can make a website that specializes in it.
  2. Buy a domain name – Once you have chosen your Niche, you must find a domain name that suits it. You can get clues about an appropriate domain name for your site by using Google’s “Keywords Tool External” by which you can search for popular keywords under the desired niche. After you have a domain name in your mind, you can find out if it’s available at Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale!
  3. Buy a Web Host – A Web host is the most important part of your website, as it stores all the content of it, and provides 24/7 access to it. You can buy web hosts in any part of the world and it is accessible from anywhere, too. I recommend using for this purpose. If you choose the BabyPlan package with “webflipping” code, the first month is just 1 cent!
  4. Connect your domain name with a web host – You can find the guide of connecting your domain with a web host at your host’s website.
  5. Install a website or wordpress blog theme on your host – This is a bit complex process about which you can find free guides on Google.
  6. Fill your website with interesting content – This is the most important step, as by this you make your site valuable. The content should be unique and catchy, and must be written in a manner that adds some value in your target market.
  7. Sell products on your site – When you have a site with a good amount of visitors, it is time to make money by selling something to them. You can do this easily with the help of
  8. Sell your site on the Internet – As the final step, you must look for buyers for your website after it reached a firm status on the world wide web. You can do it most easily by registering to, and posting your site to an auction. The other way is to look for people that might be interested in your site, and writing to them personally.

As you see, making money by website flipping is not as hard as you thought. You just have to figure out some unique ideas and elaborate those onto your site, then strive to attract buyers through promoting it.