Gomez PEER – Make Money Online by Keeping Your Computer Turned On

There are not much known ways nowadays by which you can earn money in exchange for doing nothing. However, Gomez PEER is one of the few exceptions. This program is suitable for people that have their computer on for long hours during the day, or even for the whole day.

So, let’s see the details of the company that offers this opportunity. Gomez is the Web performance division of Compuware, which provides the industry’s leading solution for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of Web applications.

The program itself is called Gomez PEER, which is 100% free to use. To use it, you only have to apply and download the client software (20 Mbytes) to start earning online. Currently it only supports operating systems

All the program does is monitoring your computer when it’s turned on, and gathering statistics of web-based application usage. They sell this information to an array of trusted clients, and that’s where your money comes from. The clients include high traffic portals, e-commerce vendors, news and content sites and intranet applications. Gomez PEER basically tests web performance (without hindering your PC’s).

In addition to making money by just leaving your computer turned on, you get extra money for referrals that you bring in, too.

The cash withdrawals are only possible through PayPal. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem, as many people have accounts there, and registering is not a big deal. The minimum payout is only $5.00, so it shouldn’t take too long before you get your first real payment. It is a good thing, too, that Gomez PEER accepts members from all over the world.

Then again, you should definitely give Gomez PEER a try, if your computer is on for long periods daily. The only thing you might need is some patience, as at some applications it takes weeks or even some months for them to accept you. Still, after that you will make money by practically doing nothing.

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