Earn Money with Fiverr.com – The $5 Jobs

These days many people try to come up with inventive sites on the internet, though it happens rarely that a site becomes popular all over the world. Fiverr.com has introduced a quite new idea, which can make it the next big hit in the near future. It is similar to Twitter, but here people only post “gigs”.

Basically, the site is about the following: people outsource gigs, for which they request a $5 fee. These gigs are mainly small services, like enhancing an image digitally, or teaching a short guitar lesson. There are thousands of such gigs on the site, ranging from the funny ones (“I will make a rap video of me rapping Halloween to you for $5), to the very useful ones (“I will write your personal, business, website, event or product-related press release for $5). In addition to buying and posting gigs, you can request any, too.

Since the site is relative new (was started less than a year ago) it doesn’t have a large user basis, and the feedback system needs some time to work better, too. For example, some users do a very good work for the $5, but many think that for this amount of money they won’t do any quality services. As time passes and the number of users grow this will likely change, as in a tougher competition users are heavily judged by their feedbacks.

A bad point of the site is that you have to gather $40 to withdraw money earned from your gigs. This equals 10 gigs, as Fiverr takes $1 after each completed one.

After all, Fiverr.com is a fun and useful site, which connects users that need minor services and those outsourcing services. If you just browse the list of gigs, you will surely find some that interest you, and on the other hand; you can easily make money if you are skilled in photo-editing, writing, etc. Just be inventive yourself, too.

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