5 Unusual Ways to Become Millionaires

History proves, that big ideas worth millions. However, there are ideas which seem to be dumb at first, but turn out to be worth millions. How can this happen? Let’s see some success stories associated with cheap and weird ideas:

  1. HungryPod – Catherine Keane, inventor of Hungrypod, makes over $100,000 a year, only by uploading music to other people’s iPods. What? Yes, she made her fortune by starting a homebusiness, advertising uploading CDs onto iPods. She got the idea of the site, when se was offered $500 by an acquaintance to load his CD collection onto his iPod. www.hungrypod.com
  2. SantaMail – Byron Reese came up with the idea to personalize Santa Claus himself, and send letters to kids. So, parents can request letters to be sent for their kids, from the North Pole, Alaska, to have an authentic Christmas. When Reese started his business in 2001, he instantly sold 10,000 letters, then the year 2005 marked sales to go up to $1 million. www.santamail.org
  3. PickyDomains –  It seems to be a luxurious idea to hire people to make up a cool domain name for you, isn’t it? It turns out that a lot of people are interested in this, as the waiting list at PickyDomains is longer than ever. The good thing for the owner of the idea is that is means millions in dollars.  www.pickydomains.com
  4. hotsauceblog – It is ok to start a blog about foods. It is ok to start a blog about sauces. But is it normal to earn $200,000 from a sauce blog? You would think not, but Nick Laundrel managed to do it. Today, he sells over a thousand products from 300 manufacturers, paving the way to a profit of $1,000,000.  www.hotsauceblog.com
  5. Doggles – Step one: create a site that sells clothes & accessories for dogs. Step two: give it a name similar to Google. Result: earn millions with your new site. Actually, don’t try this at home, as the millions are already in the hands of Doggles’ inventors. www.doggles.com

As you see, there are enough weird ways to become a millionaire. Still, the hardest thing is to invent a special idea that can generate revenue.